1% Improvements

“Focus on a few things, rather than be mediocre at many things.”

1% Improvements
1% Improvements

This is a good quote that can apply to multiple areas of our lives, but now it’s a great time to apply to the Syphus world, as it’s March Mayhem time  of the year!!  Participating in March Mayhem or not, I think it’s safe to say we all want to improve our Syphus “game.”   Whether it’s improving scores, performing better for our partner, having better turf skills, etc.   We all know where we can improve and where our weaknesses lie. Next time you hit the turf try and focus on one thing each time and make that change, and then the next time, and the next time, focus on one different thing.

  • Take one less water break
  • Instead of stopping in your usual “rest” zone, make it at least to the next line before you rest.
  • Try and jog your Tarzans if you tend to walk them.
  • If the next task is an easy task for you, don’t break on the task at hand.
  • If you won’t make a ½ or full task before the clock hits zero, push to the line anyway! Finish your reps! You’ll only benefit from it.

These small changes add up, believe me!  You don’t notice adding a 2.5lb plate to a barbell, but adding 2.5lb plates a few weeks in a row, increases lifts by 5-10 lbs!!  Small 1% improvements add up!!!

If you need suggestions, ask you Pro!

Leah Larson

Syphus Pro – Turf Brownstown

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