The Gift of Humility

Certainly I’ve had humbling moments in the past, but it wasn’t until recently where the feeling of true vulnerability had been completely exposed. But with humility and vulnerability comes a great gift; the opportunity for growth.

So too with Syphus.

On the turf, I’ve often said: If you have a weakness, Syphus will find it.

Now don’t let that scare you, let it motivate you. After all, the reason why you started Syphus was to improve something. If you simply wanted to continue the status quo, maintaining the same standard, you wouldn’t have stepped on our turf.

By now, you – the regular Syphuser – fully knows which tasks expose your weaknesses, but don’t run from them, or worse yet skip a workout because the posted Task list doesn’t host your favorites. No, in fact these are the days you should make it a priority to get to the turf and willingly take the tasks that bring you to your knees (except on Inch Worm!) head on.

A goal for all of us should be to actively seek what we need to work on most whether it’s strength, cardio, flexibility or coordination and dwell in the “misery” of the tasks that hit your soft spot. It is only in the struggle through times of tumult can one gain true strength and fortitude.

This is what makes Syphus the complete workout: Everyone will find some sort of challenge in each and every workout. At some point WE WILL feel defeated, wishing the time on the clock to tick away these moments of humility. This is when I urge you to – pause – tap in and recognize that THIS is why you’re here.

Engage in the moment of vulnerability. Put your pride on the shelf and the score you’re chasing out of your mind and instead attack your weakness with Form First. Allow yourself to be humbled and embrace the chance to grow both physically and mentally.

–  Hackett

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