Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Everyone likes to have a plan when entering into a situation that’s foreign to them; whether it’s meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time or something a little less intimidating, like starting a new workout. Today I will be presenting you with the best advice I’ve been given or learned myself over my three years at Syphus Training.

Be Prepared
You are reading this, thats a good start. But it is essential to be ready physically and mentally. Syphus isn’t your average workout, so it’s best you would prepare for it a little differently than your normal routine. Make sure you get adequate rest and hydration before your first class. This doesn’t mean slamming a gallon of water during the day of your class. It’s important you hydrate the days prior as well. Also, if you plan on eating beforehand, eat something light and give your body plenty of time to digest. I know it may be Taco Tuesday but it would be best to wait until your workout is finished to indulge in its goodness. Wear strong running shoes and workout gloves if you think the turf will hurt them. Remember, classes run for an hour. Many people underestimate this since it doesn’t seem long compared to a “normal” lifting session. Syphus is a high intensity workout with little to no rest if you are efficient enough.

Be Patient
Patience is a virtue. There are a lot of new techniques and slang you are going to be introduced to very quickly. Don’t be intimidated. Take a deep breath and realize it takes time and patience, like with anything new, to get a hold on things. We have hundreds of exercises and dozens of circuits. You are not alone. We all were newbies once and there is help not far away. This leads me to my next point.

The Pro is Your Friend
As a Syphus Pro we want to help you! We have done Syphus for extended periods of time and know the circuits and tasks very well. Many of us also have extensive backgrounds in training and anatomical knowledge. If you are unsure how to perform something, ask. If something makes you nervous, ask. If you have a pre-existing condition, ASK! We are here to help and to make your Syphus experience pleasurable, safe and as satisfying as possible.

Form over Speed
You are not the weight you use. You are not how many workouts you have completed. You are not your Score. If there is something I would emphasize most it would be this. Your score does NOT determine how hard you worked. It’s supposed to be used as a way to track progress and foster competition; between others and within yourself. Many people lose sight of this and use it as a determinant of their “worth” or how the workout was for that day. The workout is what you make it. You can perform tasks quickly and sloppily and score an 800 or you could take your time and perform tasks correctly and to the best of your ability and score a 600. The latter is always preferred. It allows you to GROW. Doing things with half effort or incorrectly, hinders your development and slows your results and sets you up for injury. Form is always priority number one.

You are gonna be using muscles you didn’t know you had. You will be sore, if not right away, in the days that follow. Embrace it! For many, the days after are a roller coaster of emotions. You hate your trainer for making you do that dreadful inchworm. You curse your friend for making you try out this “crazy” new workout with them. But most of all you’re upset with yourself for thinking you were training to your full potential. Embrace it. Grab it by the horns and take it for everything its worth. Come back and tackle the next workout. Too sore and not ready to come back? Do it anyway. Take a couple days off and get back to the grind. Your body and mind need the challenge. You need to stimulate your senses and push yourself to the next level. Embrace the pain. Embrace the challenge. Embrace the hangover!

Chuck Koch
Manager, Turf Royal Oak
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