The Calm Within the Storm

It’ll often goes unnoticed until there is a pause in the music – the turf is utterly silent.

Yes, in a room full of Junkies all racing against the clock and pushing themselves to their physical and mental capacities…not a sound.

Ask any of your PROs and they will attest: There is something eerie (yet mesmerizing) to witnessing an experienced group of Junkies all going together at one time. It is as if everyone is working together for a greater organism; like that resembling a swarm of worker bees, a school of fish or geese in a flying V. It appears as if something larger is at work, making these individual cogs work together, and in sync.

That larger thing at work, is desire. When it comes together simultaneously on the turf, it is infectious. It propels the entire group to greater heights.

While it’s true; Birds-of-a-syphus-feather often flock together gravitating to same class times. You will also see these moments occur naturally in a competition like turf wars. That moment where the day’s workout progression is crystal clear. These are the days where the PRO doesn’t have to have to demo a task mid-workout; they just watch in amazement at the product unfolding. It is in these hours, where everyone is focused on the workout rather than side-talk, that greatness happens. It is THIS very thing that you will not find ANYWHERE else in the fitness industry. It only occurs at Syphus given the at-your-own-pace nature of the beast.

Next time you’re on the turf, see if you can sense this. Become aware of the group and your place in it. Do you sense that you’re a part of a flow? Are the Junkies next to you in an almost zombie-like state fixated on their own task? If so, you might be in the calm of a perfect storm; and in Syphus, that’s a great place to be.

If you’re a PRO test it out…drop the music for ten seconds and find out what you hear. Silence really can be golden.

 – Hackett

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