5 Ways to HACK Your Next Workout

At Syphus Training every circuit is designed to be challenging. These 5 Syphus “hacks” that can help make your hard work even more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE each time you hit the turf!

HACK #1 Do You Have a Rabbit To Chase?

Once you start the class get a feeling as to who is around at your same pace. You will notice a kind of give-and-take rhythm where one person leads you and then the next, you might be leading them. If this person starts to pull ahead they become a rabbit to chase. In this position, you are also known as a leech, drifting off their pace. Pick a rabbit whose form you admire and has a fitness level comparable to yours.

You will find in some classes right off the bat there is that one person who is always just a bit ahead. The whole class you are nipping at the heels and chasing that person.  In the end, sometimes you beat your rabbit and sometimes you don’t.

A rabbit in your class may be just what you need to bust through a plateau and not give up where you may have otherwise slowed down.  Finding a rabbit is a game changer if you like the chase! Plus a GREAT training tool for March Mayhem and other competitions.

Editor’s Note: See HACK #5 as it’s important to not let the need to keep up with your Rabbit diminish your form – remember, the person you select as a Rabbit may be able to do tasks more efficiently and require less recovery time. Don’t push on without first listening to your body!

HACK #2 Humidity = An Extra Special Mountain!

A humid day can wreak havoc on any of the turfs causing the plate to move much slower than it otherwise would.  Don’t get discouraged! Everyone feels the pain and if you keep that in mind you can see it as just another mountain to push through.  In the long run you are only getting stronger. A slower plate can slow you down only if you let it! Keep smiling and climbing despite the conditions of the turf!

HACK #3 Plate Weight Speed & Ivanko vs.Troy

It’s been said that heavier plates move farther! Naturally this depends on ability level and technique, but if you have a circuit with a lot of HIKES the person with the heavier weight may have a slight advantage (if you let them). The game plan of the junkie with the lighter plate should be to pick up the pace and get to their plate efficiently each time between hikes and not slow. Do this and you can easily keep up with the heavier weights.

Veteran junkies know to choose an Ivanko plate over a Troy any day! The Troy plate edges are not quite as rounded as the Ivanko and the lip is not quite as deep. But if you do get stuck with a Troy plate just deal with it!

Psst….Shhh…FYI….. I’ve heard from a source that in the future only Ivanko plates will be considered regulated plates for Syphus Training, specifically for competitions.

HACK #4 Class Size And Energy

If you are in a class with four people and two check out before 60 min your motivation can take a beating. It takes more of a mental push when you don’t have help of the class energy. Believe it or not the class energy provides an unspoken strength and vitality dynamic to your workout. This energy provides physical and mental sustainment something we all benefit from as a class. Try to go to full classes with good energy and hard-working junkies. Over time you’ll find what works for you!

HACK #5 Blinders

A great piece of advice quite possibly one of the best I picked up along the way was to “Put your BLINDERS on and Tap in”. Remember, it’s not your job to correct poor form. That’s what the Pro’s are for; let them do their job so you can stay focused on your tasks ahead. It can get frustrating if someone is skipping tasks and skimming form, but only if you let it. Put your blinders on to keep these types of distractions from keeping you from doing your best. Once you make this a habit, and get in your zone, it can make a huge difference!

Syphus Training is dubbed the #hardestworkout for a reason! But putting these hacks to use can help you get a step ahead when it comes to game time!

– Susie R.



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