Power of the Group

Believe it or not GROUP DYNAMICS have a lot of power over our exercise behavior.  The group’s energy and vibe can influence you physically and mentally.

This specific energy of the group is imperative to Turf Wars and other Syphus competitions. But Why?  What is it about the group’s unspoken power that is truly the driving force of our motivation and competition?

The answer is simple. Competition is deeply rooted in our evolutionary heritage. Syphus Training brings this out of all of us. We compete against each other, we compete against ourselves, and we compete as groups against other groups.

The group’s energy combined with our inert competitive nature influences each person to exercise more. Not only will you exercise more but everyone increases everyone else’s activity level. This is a major bonus when it comes to Turf Wars.

A competitive atmosphere makes people focus on different things than just a workout for fun. It brings each other together in a deeper sense and is a more primal way of engaging intensity, stamina, and strength.

The group’s energy stirs a fire within. It gives everyone a mutual incentive to keep going. For a competition, this energy can make or break your game! It’s hard to explain but you can feel it.

Competition, good group dynamics and energy are the recipe for success whether it’s your everyday workout or Turf Wars! When you participate in any class or competition you are contributing to this unspoken energy at your turf. The cool thing is we are all  play a part!

 – Susie

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