Kelli Macleod’s – Syphus Story

I walked into Syphus after work almost a year ago and had no idea I would still be here today. I didn’t know what to expect, I asked questions, got the necessary information and signed up for my free class the next day.

I have always felt lost at the gym, not having a set plan and never focusing on weight training. I wanted to change; lose weight, tone my arms, core and legs, all while gaining more confidence in myself. I didn’t have a main goal of weight loss, my goal was to fit into my prom dress I wore 6 years ago.

I was intimidated as I walked into my first class, not knowing how challenging it would be. I got my butt kicked, to say the least, It really was the hardest workout. The reason I stuck with it was the challenge I face every class in my full hour, the challenge to strengthen and try to beat my previous score every time.

Here I am, a year later with 10 pounds lost (never to be found), more toned than I ever have been and I FIT into my prom dress. My endurance has greatly improved as well as my full body strength. I feel better than ever and have so much more confidence in myself. I have no intentions of leaving Syphus anytime soon. The saying is true, it doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

Thank you Syphus and to all my trainers!

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