Jen Mast’s – Syphus Story

When asked to tell how Syphus has changed my life, the first thingthat popped into my head was a conversation about two years ago with afriend. We were talking about wanting to lose weight. She asked me ifI was interested in working out. I laughed and said, “come on…Idon’t workout!” Not long after that I convinced myself to get a gymmembership. I started going to the gym about 3-4 times per week. Atthe time, I felt good because I was going. As time passed, I wasn’treally noticing any real change in my body. I’d lost some weight, butI didn’t feel stronger by any means. I started to realize that my timeat the gym was similar to eating at a buffet. You walk around lookingat everything, weighing the options and eventually taking a smallportion of the items that are most appetizing. That was me at the gym.Walking around looking at the machines, sizing them up and eventuallydoing a small amount of work on the ones that appeared easy to use.Clearly, my approach was not working.

When a good friend invited me to try Syphus I was apprehensive, but Idecided that I could at least go once for free. At that first class, Iremember thinking there was no way I could continue a workout likethat on a regular basis. I felt so out of shape and embarrassed.Surprisingly, when I woke up the next morning (after crawling out ofbed…literally) I decided I wanted to go again. Well, fast forward totoday…what a change. I am addicted to these workouts. I havecompleted nearly 200 workouts in a little over a year (don’t forget 40in a row!!) I love the days that I score well, and believe it or not,I love the low score days even more. I like to be funny on Facebookand give Mike Hackett a hard time on those days, but the hard days arethe ones that make me keep going. It’s not likely that I’ll everfinish a board or even finish in the top 10, and that’s ok. I’mperfectly content in the middle of the pack cheering on the ones aheadof me, and encouraging the ones behind me. I’m stronger than I’ve everbeen and I’m finally a person who cares about being fit. I’ll be atSyphus as long as my body will let me.

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