Sarah Cost-Cox’s – Syphus Story

If you told me a few months ago I would be on the Turf 3-4 days a week, I would have kindly asked if you lost your mind. But the truth is…the Turf is where I learned how to push my body in ways I haven’t done in years. As a full-time school counselor and mother of a 4 year old, my time is precious, and giving myself sixty minutes a few days a week has been a great transformation for my body and my mind. My story starts with one of my closest friends, Katrina, as many of the best stories in life do. Watching the positive results Katrina achieved Syphus Training before, during, and after pregnancy has been amazing. Finally, two years after she began I decided to take the chance and go to my first session. I remember watching the session before and already telling myself I couldn’t do it, but the wonderful and encouraging message I received from Katie helped calm my nerves. After the first session I was sure I needed to try it again, so two days later I was back on the Turf. I have gained confidence that was once lost and love telling my son I’m leaving “to get strong.” I have joined gyms in the past only to take classes, walk on a treadmill, and not be known by name. At Syphus, I am known by name and receive encouragement from the trainers (thank you Suzanne and Terri!!) and the other members.

I am still new to the Turf and look forward to what the next few months will bring.

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