2019 March Mayhem Workouts



  • All competitors must have AT LEAST 10 SCORED workouts for the year.
  • 10+ scored workouts must be with the same weight (#) class
  • Cut-off for registration is February 17th.
  •  Details on this year’s handicapping will be published on the 17th

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OFFICIAL 2019 March Mayhem Workouts

OFFICIAL 2019 March Mayhem Workouts [Modifiable Version]

Turf Wars by the Number




     BROWNSTOWN – 447    HARRISON – 352   SCS – 203   

SHELBY – 196   ROYAL OAK – 133


     BROWNSTOWN – 50    HARRISON – 39   SCS – 23   

SHELBY – 22   ROYAL OAK – 15


BROWNSTOWN* – 640 (-19)    HARRISON – 703 (+121)   SCS – 712 (+96)   

SHELBY* – 650 (+69)   ROYAL OAK** – 614 (+22)

*Without Finals Scores **Pool Play Only






     BROWNSTOWN – 45    HARRISON – 30   SCS – 27   

SHELBY – 19   ROYAL OAK – 18



Where did THAT circuit come from?

When I’m on the turf explaining a new circuit, or even on social networks following the buzz about the day’s workout I’m often faced with the question:

Where did the idea for THAT circuit come from? 

That question is usually followed by some playful jab at my sanity, or lack-thereof. So be it!

But it is important for you, the Junkie, to understand how some of these patterns were created as they will often help you recall them next time you see them on the board.

Nearly ALL circuits originate from one of the of the following four categories of inspiration:

Logical – These patterns are the ones that molded Syphus. Think MTN, Reptilian, Centaurs and Gauntlets. While today these circuits seem pretty basic, in the beginning stages of Syphus, these progressions were pretty novel in that no other fitness concept really performed workouts (or even sets of reps for that matter) in that fashion.

Generally these circuits contain basic patterns, checklists and multiples that vary in length. That’s really it!

Adaptive – Eventually, coming up with any new Logical circuits became a very difficult, so we tried combining two different circuits the Centaur and a MTN: The Hybrid was born.

Using that logic opened up a trove of new possibilities. Quickly we were creating new, mutant-like circuits! Other examples would be Ceptilian, Mt. Neverest, Vertex and Zenith.

Where the Logical and Adaptive circuits get their names from the progression’s pattern and the picture they illustrate, the Thematic and Abstract circuits below START with a thought FIRST and then the numerical pattern is formed.

Thematic – Thematic circuits are not actually new patterns by nature but they take different feel that allows them to be categorized separately. Generally a Thematic circuit will be an entire workout comprised of either Logical and or Adaptive circuits to convey a certain event or activity.

Workout and circuits like Judgement Day, Golf, Barn Burner and Gone Fishin’ are all examples of Thematic formats. 

Abstract – Eventually the Adaptive circuits also became harder engineer and Thematic workouts don’t really jive with our scoring system: Usher in Abstract circuits.

These are my favorite to develop as they allow for the most creativity. In actuality, I view dreaming up circuits like these as almost Brainteaser Puzzles.

The inspiration may come from the most random place or thing, but is most cases, I will think of a situation or scenario, particularly where an action is being performed, and try to articulate that in numbers.

Make sense? If not, read that last part again because sometimes it doesn’t initially make sense to me either…that’s the fun in it!

Let me give you an example: The circuit we know as Cavity (and Filling) came as you might imagine.

I’ve played hockey throughout my life into adulthood and in doing so I’ve had my share of dental procedures. One day, while I was sitting in the dentist’s chair awaiting a double-root-canal my mind started to wonder and NO – it wasn’t the laughing gas!

“How could express the procedure of a tooth extraction or a filling in numbers?” I thought.

Using my mental database of Syphus circuits, I flipped through patterns like Reverse, Expanding and Shrinking MTNs thinking they would be closest.

Close. But not quite.

“Instead of a Shrinking MTN getting smaller by the outsides,” I thought, “Why not have them diminish from the interior? Bingo!” And just like that Cavity was created. And, out of necessity, Filling was formed as it is the inverse pattern; something almost every circuit has.

Other examples of Abstract circuits and their inspiration:

EL Cycle (a poem about the Circle of Life), Equalateral (The Fibonacci Sequence brought to mind by Lateralus a song by the band Tool), Playing the Field (Expression of Syphus runs in circuit-form), Dark-Side (Pink Floyd…not Star Wars), Jacob’s Ladder (DNA/Double Helix), The Hive (Honeycomb shaped architectural back splash), Ripple/Tidal/Undertow (A day at the beach watching water currents and waves), Hunter Gatherer (The simple thought of what Hunting and Gathering looked like to me…this one may be more Thematic)MACH-V (Machiavelli, with the base circuit idea suggest by a Mothership-er) and among others, Veneer (a facade/front facing layer).

In end, what’s most interesting? Virtually anything can be expressed in a Syphus Training circuit one way or another, you just have to be preoccupied with the thought long enough to see it through. In fact, many times I will simply come across a word I like and I will jot it down somewhere I can see it daily and continue to contemplate how to turn it into a routine until it does…sometimes months later.

Fair Warning: Look out for The Bluff.

Ever have a question about the inspiration of a specific circuit? Just hit us up on Facebook (either the Corporate page or my personal page) or email motherboard@syphustraining.com and I’ll be sure to answer!

***BIG ANNOUNCEMENT*** Welcome Turf Los Angeles!



Press Release: August 21, 2017

Syphus Training, LLC is proud to announce they have secured their first out of state license to Trevor Carroll-Coe to operate Syphus Training workouts in Los Angeles, California.

Carroll-Coe, originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, will be bringing the Syphus Training methodology to California with the intentions of officially offering classes some time in late 2017. On his first impression of Syphus, Carroll-Coe elaborates, “I knew after my very first workout that Syphus was something that I needed in my life, and the West Coast needed it too.”

The addition of Turf Los Angeles marks the fifth independently owned and operated Syphus Training for the brand with aspirations to secure more licensing deals in other major metropolitan areas across the country. Their sixth location in total includes their corporate flagship location in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

Founder and CEO of Syphus Training Mike Hackett explains his excitement for the future, “This deal represents a lot for the brand and the Syphus community as a whole. It’s our first crack at displaying what Syphus has to offer on a national stage. I have no doubt that it is in the greatest of hands with Trevor. He will gain quite a following out there.” Hackett continues, “Once folks on the west coast get a chance to experience Syphus, their eyes are going to be opened to a whole new genre of exercise that’ll spread Junkie-Nation at an incredible pace.”

As Turf Los Angeles begins to ramp up interest, you can search them on Facebook and other social networks for updates. Details on Turf Los Angeles including location, contact info, class times, rates and grand opening date will be released in the coming weeks. Prospective licensees, interested in opening up a Syphus Training Turf, or offering classes in an already established facility are asked to email inquiries to affiliates@syphustraining.com.

Carroll-Coe, who is also celebrating another milestone this weekend in being wed to his long time fiancee adds, “It’s a really exciting time in my life in all aspects!” In regards to Syphus, “I’m looking forward to bringing the hardest workout in the Motor City to the fitness capital of the world!”




The Syphus Impact

More questions and answers from our Brand Ambassador Susie R. This week’s question:

Are there any areas of your life that has Syphus Training helped improve off the Turf?

Susie R.: Syphus Training has had a huge impact on me in many ways. By far the most important is the realization, that when I’m on the turf, there is something bigger out there giving me strength. I have been able to get where I am today by letting go of fear and doubt in my abilities. My mental resistance loses its grip on the turf and this is such a free feeling! I’ve learned that I can conquer the impossible by trusting inner strength that can only come from above. It’s often this little reminder in Philipians 4:13 that gives me that extra push I need to power up mid workout.

Syphus is so humbling but I’m dedicated to keep trying to master the tasks. This takes dedication through solid form, focus, persistence, and faith in the process. Every time I’m on the turf I am a work in progress, climbing and stumbling along the way. It is with each new try up these mountains I become that much stronger.

Every Syphus workout gives me a sense of accomplishment and confidence. I can keep up with my kids and my body feels strong and healthy as I go about everyday life. I am full of energy and vitality. There is no doubt I am physically and mentally stronger because of Syphus Training.

Syphus has given me a purpose to continue to inspire and lead others to healthy lifestyle changes!

Sifting Through Statistics

Syphus Training offers a valuable tool that is able to track all the different parts of your workout. This creative scoring system, or ROQ, has many purposes including showing you your current state of fitness. Once a newbie gets that first score their eyes are opened to a whole new concept and motivational push like no other!

Junkies can take the workout to the next level by diving into all of the Syphus statistics. I think each and every one of us can get something out of following the scores and stats.

I like to keep a close eye on my 30 day boulder and my daily score.  I also pay attention to the daily scores of those in my weight class and around my same fitness level. I use these numbers as a gauge to push and challenge myself.

I check out the plus/minus stats to see the averages. This is one way to see what was going on within the workout that day. If I’m in the red I review the tasks and circuits again to gain clarity. This is where I tend to learn the most about myself and my strengths and weaknesses within the workout. It helps me to think and strategize for the next workout. I also like to factor in what kind of day I was having. Stress, nutrition, sleep, and class energy all play a role in my personal score. It makes me think and I like that about this workout. You can’t just come and go.

Its also fun to review the highs and lows of your career boulder to see how far you’ve come. There is so much more to discover within the statistics page if you keep digging!

We all want to improve, bump up our score, and increase our fitness level. I think that’s one of the many reasons we come back to a Syphus workout vs something else.

What I have learned through the years is that The Syphus ROQ is more than a just a number. These scores and stats help you find out a lot about yourself, the most important being integrity and patience.

Ultimately the score tends to lead to a deeper quest of mastering ourselves and the tasks within the workout. Some days we get glimpses of what we are truly capable of.  During competitions it’s amazing to see the different turfs work together for the greater good.

There’s nothing like that feeling when you finish the board or jumped 100+ points. Thanks to the Syphus scoring and statistics these times are documented for you to learn and grow from.

Making Syphus a Priority

For the next few segments we’ve asked specific questions to our Brand Ambassador Susie Rahaim to get her insight and perspective.

This week’s question: How do you make time for Syphus, or any mode of exercise, priority in your life?

Exercise is a priority in my life because I make it that way. It doesn’t magically happen and it doesn’t come easy. I am busy and wear many hats including being a mom to 4 kids ranging from ages 2-12. Some days take more planning than others but I know that I am 100% responsible for my own health. I have a mentality that if I don’t exercise I’m going to pay for it down the line. If you can’t make this connection between exercise and your overall health it’s really hard to stick with it.

You have to view exercise as you would getting quality sleep or drinking enough water. It’s a daily necessity that can’t be overlooked. You have to make it a part of you and who you are, NOT something you begrudgingly HAVE to do.

My kids inspire me tremendously and by making exercise a priority it teaches them to care about their own health and wellness.

Exercising in the morning is the ideal time for me. It never fails; as the day gets going, excuses pile up, work loads get heavier, and plans change. I make my workouts happen by planning my times for exercise on Sunday before the week starts. It also helps to tell your spouse, family, or friends your exercise schedule. This holds you more accountable and ups the chances you will get it done!

Have an “I can and I will” attitude when it comes to exercise. It also helps to have a “why”. Finding YOUR “why” is a powerful motivator.

Before I started Syphus Training 4 years ago I had tried every exercise class from Zumba to CrossFit. Syphus was different and I was hooked. In sixty minutes you work EVERY.SINGLE.MUSCLE. in your body plus cardio, body-weight, and weight training combined. For this busy mom who only has sixty minutes max a day to commit to daily exercise it’s ideal! Plus it’s fun and highly motivating chasing a higher score with solid form. You CANNOT get this complete package anywhere else!

I see Syphus Training as an investment in my health. I am determined to make it work because I know it’s ultimately savings in the bank of my long-term health and longevity! The health benefits are well worth the monetary cost. The workout lives up to every promise it makes. And then, some even call it “The Fountain of Youth!” If you haven’t experience it yet, it’s time for you to get to Syphus Training and invest in your health.

RELEASED! Survivor 2017 Routines



We’re excited to release our full workouts for this year’s Syphus Survivor competition. Print them off. Study. Visualize. Best of luck!

Important notes:

  • All workouts must be performed in correct sequence
  • Week 1 workouts must be completed by Saturday July 22nd
  • Week 2 workouts must be completed by Thursday July 27th
  • If you’re not competing in the Survivor competition, you’ll do the workout on the date noted.




Survivor 2017




 Week 1:   Monday July 17th through Saturday July 22rd [3 possible workouts]

Week 2:   Monday July 24th through Thursday July 27th [3 mandatory workouts]

Finals:  Saturday July 29th at Turf Shelby; Times TBD

Your seasonal Boulder will determine your division (seen below). In Week 1 each participant must compete in 2 competition workouts but can do 3.  The top 2 scores from these workouts will determine the competition average.  At the end of Week 1 each Turf will determine the 3 top averages (both male and female) in each division. These 3 participants in each division (or 30 total individuals from each turf) will advance to week 2.

In Week 2 each participant must compete in 3 competition workouts.  The top 2 scores from these workouts will determine the competition average.  The 3rd workout will be used in the event of a tie.  Each Turf will send 1 male and 1 female representative from each division to compete in the Survivor Finals.

Tiebreakers – In the event of a tie, the additional workout will be factored into the average and the highest average will advance.

Weight Classes – This competition is not based on weight class, but rather gender and divisions.  Divisions may have competitors using different weight classes competing against one another.  Competitors must compete at the weight they consistently use and must have 14 or more workouts with this weight from May 1 – June 15.  ALL workouts from June 15th on MUST be at the weight class the competitor is going to use during Survivor 2017.   There is no dropping down in class to improve one’s score for the sake of an unfair competitive edge. Likewise, there is no jumping up in weight class to be the ONLY representative of your gender in that weight class.

Divisions – All based on 2017 Seasonal Boulder






Ultimate Survivor – The division winner with the highest difference from their seasonal will be crowned Ultimate Survivor.

Awards – TBD.  To be discussed by Turf Owners.

Power of the Group

Believe it or not GROUP DYNAMICS have a lot of power over our exercise behavior.  The group’s energy and vibe can influence you physically and mentally.

This specific energy of the group is imperative to Turf Wars and other Syphus competitions. But Why?  What is it about the group’s unspoken power that is truly the driving force of our motivation and competition?

The answer is simple. Competition is deeply rooted in our evolutionary heritage. Syphus Training brings this out of all of us. We compete against each other, we compete against ourselves, and we compete as groups against other groups.

The group’s energy combined with our inert competitive nature influences each person to exercise more. Not only will you exercise more but everyone increases everyone else’s activity level. This is a major bonus when it comes to Turf Wars.

A competitive atmosphere makes people focus on different things than just a workout for fun. It brings each other together in a deeper sense and is a more primal way of engaging intensity, stamina, and strength.

The group’s energy stirs a fire within. It gives everyone a mutual incentive to keep going. For a competition, this energy can make or break your game! It’s hard to explain but you can feel it.

Competition, good group dynamics and energy are the recipe for success whether it’s your everyday workout or Turf Wars! When you participate in any class or competition you are contributing to this unspoken energy at your turf. The cool thing is we are all  play a part!

 – Susie

Syphus Training’s Errors in Trial and Error.

Syphus Training itself derived from trial and error. Through the years we’ve experimented with many different ideas, equipment and technology to find out what would enhance your experience. We now realize that simple is better. And while we certainly wouldn’t call these failures as they’ve lead us to perfect our sport, it’s fun to look back at some of the tests we’ve tried:

Treadmill Runs: In the earliest days, when we were in a traditional gym, we utilized treadmills as an everyday aspect of our workout. Ever notice how MOST day’s workouts are comprised of three circuits? That’s likely because before each circuit we would start off with a “treadmill sprint” usually anywhere from a quarter mile to a mile depending on the day…treadmill work quickly became obsolete after a few months into the idea.

 1400 – 1200 – 1000: Anyone remember the days of Wiping the Slate Clean? It was essentially when we scrapped an old scoring system that had a flaw in it. Sorry, forget all that you knew about scores before. Instead we’d throw out all of your previous scores and start from scratch!

I don’t think this would go over too well today.

Initially our score system when up to 1400, then lowered to 1200, before finally being refined to (near) 1000. Even today, we adjust the scoring system monthly to be based on 1000 and anything “off-the-charts” is only for people finishing a board…but don’t worry, the changes are so minor that you’ll hardly notice.

Tic-Tac and Bag Drag: One fun piece of equipment we would use during workouts we punching bag. Nope, they weren’t hung from the ceiling, instead they were used on the ground and flipped head over heel (like a tire flip) until you reached an end-zone, this was known as Tic-Tac. Even more interesting was Bag Drag which was simply dragging the bag backwards…this ultimately morphed into Diablo.

100 Pound Plates: This never got off the ground, literally. In a few workouts, we would utilize a 100 pound plate for our pushing tasks. However, since there were only four in the gym and they were a pain to lug around, we just doubled up on plates which we still do from time to time.

Alter Syphus Options: Did you know that we used to offer a full schedule of different classes – all with different takes on Syphus? It wasn’t until the opening of Turf Brownstown that we discontinued the alternative options and kept with the tried and true Syphus. Here’s a brief description of each:

CardioCore – Syphus without the plate or crawling and a focus on abdominal exercises deemed not appropriate for Syphus scoring purposes. Outdoor Classes – Similar to your standard boot-camp class but with as Syphus twist. Yes, some classes we took the plates with us and actually threw them. Quick Fix – A half hour Syphus. Endure A half hour of nonstop agility and step work. Cronos Circuit 10 stations of traditional strength mixed with Syphus Tasks; 4 rounds.  Greek Gods/Mission Fitness tests that never changed with the idea of completing them quicker over time. Synergy/Quest – A group workout done with the object of collectively finishing certain goals as a group. Gamut – A blend between group personal training and Syphus to help integrate people into Syphus training movements.

Syphus Fit-Band: In the day and age where fitness wearables were just bursting on the scene, we wanted to keep up with the times. However, when we released a branded version of a fitness tracker akin to the original version of the Fitbit, people got excited thinking that we had finally created a wearable that tracks your scores by wearing it during your Syphus Training workout. Sorry – we haven’t been able to merge with that technology yet, but we’re working on it.

 Heart Rate Based Training: Likely the biggest flop we’ve had! In the beginning of 2011 we started using a heart rate system manufactured by Polar that would display each individual’s heart rate on a screen and provide zones, in which the user’s heart rate “should” be in for maximal benefit. If you’re familiar with Orangtheory, they now use newer versions of this system for their workouts. In fact, Syphus Training was highlighted in the July 2011 Polar Newsletter as first independent program to use this program that was previously only used with professional and collegiate sports teams.

The problem?  We were a guinea pig.

The version we used was essentially in beta testing with no ability for updates. Primarily based on the now outdated formula of 220 – Age to determine target heart rate, it provided no tangible feedback, specifically calories burned, unless you had a compatible watch. Likewise, there seemed to be serious errors in reporting accurate heart rates as some of our fittest individuals were registering heart rates as high as 222 and still working out without breaking much of a sweat.

And, above all, instead of listening to one’s body and letting that steer the way, people were relying largely on the technology to tell them how to proceed through the workout. That is, if they saw their heart rate in the RED (non-fat burning zone) participants would essentially stop working out until their heart rates dropped instead of pushing their aerobic threshold. Simply put, it was more of a distraction that hindered the progress their workout. As a side note: If you’re gauging your workout solely on heart rate, you may be buying into a shtick.

 – Hackett


Numerical Illusion

The numbers; they suck you in.

 At first the numbers mean nothing. Your PRO tells you, “Wow, a 413 on Initiation is a great first score!”

Okay, what the heck does 413 mean and why should I care?

Later that night you check your stats only to see your name listed underneath a pile of others who’ve all played in this day’s “game” known as Syphus, and while you know it was your first crack at it, seeing your name near the bottom doesn’t sit well. You demand a better score. You select the ‘Sign Up’ tab to schedule your second class. Hooked.

Numbers keep you distracted.

After several weeks in, you start noticing that your scores are starting to soar along with your consistency to your program. You begin to recall the tasks that are your strengths and those that need work. You start piecing together what others are referring to when they talk about their 30-day, their peak and the day’s slope. The numbers begin to make sense.

But, while you’re deciphering this once foreign number system and striving to boost your scores, there is something unconscious at work. In the past, when you worked out at a Big-Box gym, you moved from machine to machine, counting the calories burned on the elliptical, documenting the amount of weight you benched and using the scale as your ultimate gauge of your progress.

But now, you’re distracted by this number that you’re trying to attain. No longer are you concerned with how your clothes might fit or how aesthetic your look. Instead you’re consumed with improving this number; but in doing so all the reasons that you originally began working out like fat loss, muscle tone, better athletic performance, lower blood pressure and more vitality are all coming to you without you intentionally chasing them.

Your concentration on building your scores has blurred the fact that you now attend a workout on a near daily basis, without dread, and the workout you’ve chosen is notoriously one of most challenging on the map. That’s when you realize that truly how effective these numbers are; they are that dangling carrot keeping you coming back. The physical results are just the by-product. You now work out for the sake of the workout.

The veteran’s plateau; where Form First creates a new number to chase.

Months, or maybe years, into your Syphus journey you’ve hit your peaks, you (may) have finished boards, you’ve participated in competitions. It now feels like you’re just maintaining. You’ve hit a plateau with your scores. You occasionally have “off” days when you score 150 below your average leaving you feeling discontent. There’s no possible way to sustain let alone top the scores you’ve logged. Now what?

Remember; they are just numbers. Why are you beating yourself up over it? As mentioned above, the numbers were a way to keep you committed to yourself and to your workout. Stop. Reflect. And realize that you are leaps and bounds above where you started. The days you consider to be a “poor performance” was an ass-kicking of a workout that majority of the population couldn’t even contend a fraction of what you were able to; and yet you still somehow feel down because of it? Nonsense!

This is a pivotal point for all Syphus-ers. This is when you may start to value form more than your score. You’ve always known that Syphus preaches Form First, and you have tried your best to adhere, but deep down, you were chasing that number first. It happens all too often that the the Form First credo isn’t truly realized until you’ve hit this plateau. Now is the time to create a new baseline with flawless form as your guide. If your scores take a dip; who cares? They are just numbers to GIVE YOU feedback into how you’re doing; only you set that standard – and if your form doesn’t vary – you know the standard that you hold.

Meaningful meaninglessness.

Here is where I must interject personally to explain from the first-person viewpoint as it is only from the perspective of a long-time PRO or a truly die-hard can verify:

The numbers mean everything.

Yes, in the preceding paragraphs I harp on the notion that they are “only” numbers, but without them there is a void.

Try this: After a lengthy career in Syphus, attempt to work out in a traditional gym, it will seem stale. Or better yet, try this, as I do from time-to-time, do a Syphus routine that is not the day’s scheduled workout and not for a score. How does the experience feel?

I only suggest this because it was only the other day when I was doing a separate workout with a client, all cardio based and not for a score, that I realized that other than enjoying the moment, my motivation was shot. I didn’t have the score to chase. I didn’t have my standard. My form was great. But still, I couldn’t put my form to the litmus test of the numbers. Syphus, without the numbers, is not Syphus.

– Hackett

5 Ways to HACK Your Next Workout

At Syphus Training every circuit is designed to be challenging. These 5 Syphus “hacks” that can help make your hard work even more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE each time you hit the turf!

HACK #1 Do You Have a Rabbit To Chase?

Once you start the class get a feeling as to who is around at your same pace. You will notice a kind of give-and-take rhythm where one person leads you and then the next, you might be leading them. If this person starts to pull ahead they become a rabbit to chase. In this position, you are also known as a leech, drifting off their pace. Pick a rabbit whose form you admire and has a fitness level comparable to yours.

You will find in some classes right off the bat there is that one person who is always just a bit ahead. The whole class you are nipping at the heels and chasing that person.  In the end, sometimes you beat your rabbit and sometimes you don’t.

A rabbit in your class may be just what you need to bust through a plateau and not give up where you may have otherwise slowed down.  Finding a rabbit is a game changer if you like the chase! Plus a GREAT training tool for March Mayhem and other competitions.

Editor’s Note: See HACK #5 as it’s important to not let the need to keep up with your Rabbit diminish your form – remember, the person you select as a Rabbit may be able to do tasks more efficiently and require less recovery time. Don’t push on without first listening to your body!

HACK #2 Humidity = An Extra Special Mountain!

A humid day can wreak havoc on any of the turfs causing the plate to move much slower than it otherwise would.  Don’t get discouraged! Everyone feels the pain and if you keep that in mind you can see it as just another mountain to push through.  In the long run you are only getting stronger. A slower plate can slow you down only if you let it! Keep smiling and climbing despite the conditions of the turf!

HACK #3 Plate Weight Speed & Ivanko vs.Troy

It’s been said that heavier plates move farther! Naturally this depends on ability level and technique, but if you have a circuit with a lot of HIKES the person with the heavier weight may have a slight advantage (if you let them). The game plan of the junkie with the lighter plate should be to pick up the pace and get to their plate efficiently each time between hikes and not slow. Do this and you can easily keep up with the heavier weights.

Veteran junkies know to choose an Ivanko plate over a Troy any day! The Troy plate edges are not quite as rounded as the Ivanko and the lip is not quite as deep. But if you do get stuck with a Troy plate just deal with it!

Psst….Shhh…FYI….. I’ve heard from a source that in the future only Ivanko plates will be considered regulated plates for Syphus Training, specifically for competitions.

HACK #4 Class Size And Energy

If you are in a class with four people and two check out before 60 min your motivation can take a beating. It takes more of a mental push when you don’t have help of the class energy. Believe it or not the class energy provides an unspoken strength and vitality dynamic to your workout. This energy provides physical and mental sustainment something we all benefit from as a class. Try to go to full classes with good energy and hard-working junkies. Over time you’ll find what works for you!

HACK #5 Blinders

A great piece of advice quite possibly one of the best I picked up along the way was to “Put your BLINDERS on and Tap in”. Remember, it’s not your job to correct poor form. That’s what the Pro’s are for; let them do their job so you can stay focused on your tasks ahead. It can get frustrating if someone is skipping tasks and skimming form, but only if you let it. Put your blinders on to keep these types of distractions from keeping you from doing your best. Once you make this a habit, and get in your zone, it can make a huge difference!

Syphus Training is dubbed the #hardestworkout for a reason! But putting these hacks to use can help you get a step ahead when it comes to game time!

– Susie R.