Our Newest Syphus Athlete – Tristan Ferrara

Tristan Ferrara becomes latest athlete sponsored by Syphus Training


[St. Clair Shores, MI] December 6, 2016 –

Syphus Training is pleased to officially welcome Tristan Ferrara to our family of sponsored athletes. Many of you may know 14 year old Tristan from the Mothership, where he began Syphus at the age of 13. He is a stand up paddle board athlete (SUP) who is making waves in the sport at such a young age.

In the SUP off season, he’s on the Turf three days a week working on conditioning. As his father Chris Ferrara said, “from surf to Turf.” Tristan competes in the Midwest SUP Race Series. (races are across Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin) He placed 1st overall in the men’s 3 mile rec in the 2015 series. He placed 3rd overall in the 6 mile 12.6 elite in the 2016 series. He also went to the PPG (Pacific Paddle board games) in California (the biggest paddleboard race in North America) and placed 3rd overall in his age group!

Tristan has plans for a big race season in 2017 and we are confident that conditioning at Syphus will help give him an extra leg up on his competition. We are incredibly proud of him and hope you will congratulate Tristan when you see him next. You can read more about Tristan in an article that was just published in the Detroit Free Press.

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Susie Rahaim – Syphus Story

I am a holistic health coach, mom of 4, blogger, Syphus junkie,wellness junkie, and REAL food activist. Primal health is my passionand when I started Syphus Training it was the missing piece of the’fitness’ puzzle I had been yearning to give my body and looking for. Through the years lets just say I had been up and down and all arounddifferent gyms and exercise studio’s piecing together week by weekwhat I thought were good workouts. Then I stepped onto the turf andthe rest is history! What I love about Syphus are the REAL organicprimal movements that are natural and just how the body was designedto move. Running, sprinting, skipping, hopping, crawling, bending,lifting, pushing, pulling is what Syphus is all about rolled up intosome amazing FUN crazy challenging tasks and circuits. Anthropologicalevidence has even proven that these efficient movements are healthyand a better way to achieve an athletic physique by tuning in to howour bodies evolved! Yes!

Syphus brings a unique element of HIIT (high-intensity intervaltraining), friendly competition and a workout scoring system that youcan’t get anywhere else. Honestly there is so much more than a workouthere its hard to describe in words. Its when I am on the brink ofexhaustion at the end of a workout its there I find my Zen. There issomething deep, powerful and truly unique about Syphus that keeps mecoming back week after week. My body and mind LOVE and THRIVE on thecompetition and each new challenging task and circuit. Syphus isseriously a powerhouse for the body and a challenge for the mind. Syphus has made me the athlete I am today strong, confident, andempowered! I continue to pursue each new circuit and task withcuriosity , determination, perseverance, and gratitude! There isNOTHING like the feeling of adrenaline pumping the second that clockcounts down from ten! Every time I do Syphus I come ALIVE in manyways. I know I have accomplished something GREAT each and everyworkout. I encourage you to let go, tap in, and let Syphus Trainingtransform you!

Visit Susie’s blog here: http://realfoodrealfitness.com

Check out a blog post Susie wrote about Syphus here:


Sarah Cost-Cox’s – Syphus Story

If you told me a few months ago I would be on the Turf 3-4 days a week, I would have kindly asked if you lost your mind. But the truth is…the Turf is where I learned how to push my body in ways I haven’t done in years. As a full-time school counselor and mother of a 4 year old, my time is precious, and giving myself sixty minutes a few days a week has been a great transformation for my body and my mind. My story starts with one of my closest friends, Katrina, as many of the best stories in life do. Watching the positive results Katrina achieved Syphus Training before, during, and after pregnancy has been amazing. Finally, two years after she began I decided to take the chance and go to my first session. I remember watching the session before and already telling myself I couldn’t do it, but the wonderful and encouraging message I received from Katie helped calm my nerves. After the first session I was sure I needed to try it again, so two days later I was back on the Turf. I have gained confidence that was once lost and love telling my son I’m leaving “to get strong.” I have joined gyms in the past only to take classes, walk on a treadmill, and not be known by name. At Syphus, I am known by name and receive encouragement from the trainers (thank you Suzanne and Terri!!) and the other members.

I am still new to the Turf and look forward to what the next few months will bring.

Jen Mast’s – Syphus Story

When asked to tell how Syphus has changed my life, the first thingthat popped into my head was a conversation about two years ago with afriend. We were talking about wanting to lose weight. She asked me ifI was interested in working out. I laughed and said, “come on…Idon’t workout!” Not long after that I convinced myself to get a gymmembership. I started going to the gym about 3-4 times per week. Atthe time, I felt good because I was going. As time passed, I wasn’treally noticing any real change in my body. I’d lost some weight, butI didn’t feel stronger by any means. I started to realize that my timeat the gym was similar to eating at a buffet. You walk around lookingat everything, weighing the options and eventually taking a smallportion of the items that are most appetizing. That was me at the gym.Walking around looking at the machines, sizing them up and eventuallydoing a small amount of work on the ones that appeared easy to use.Clearly, my approach was not working.

When a good friend invited me to try Syphus I was apprehensive, but Idecided that I could at least go once for free. At that first class, Iremember thinking there was no way I could continue a workout likethat on a regular basis. I felt so out of shape and embarrassed.Surprisingly, when I woke up the next morning (after crawling out ofbed…literally) I decided I wanted to go again. Well, fast forward totoday…what a change. I am addicted to these workouts. I havecompleted nearly 200 workouts in a little over a year (don’t forget 40in a row!!) I love the days that I score well, and believe it or not,I love the low score days even more. I like to be funny on Facebookand give Mike Hackett a hard time on those days, but the hard days arethe ones that make me keep going. It’s not likely that I’ll everfinish a board or even finish in the top 10, and that’s ok. I’mperfectly content in the middle of the pack cheering on the ones aheadof me, and encouraging the ones behind me. I’m stronger than I’ve everbeen and I’m finally a person who cares about being fit. I’ll be atSyphus as long as my body will let me.

Kelli Macleod’s – Syphus Story

I walked into Syphus after work almost a year ago and had no idea I would still be here today. I didn’t know what to expect, I asked questions, got the necessary information and signed up for my free class the next day.

I have always felt lost at the gym, not having a set plan and never focusing on weight training. I wanted to change; lose weight, tone my arms, core and legs, all while gaining more confidence in myself. I didn’t have a main goal of weight loss, my goal was to fit into my prom dress I wore 6 years ago.

I was intimidated as I walked into my first class, not knowing how challenging it would be. I got my butt kicked, to say the least, It really was the hardest workout. The reason I stuck with it was the challenge I face every class in my full hour, the challenge to strengthen and try to beat my previous score every time.

Here I am, a year later with 10 pounds lost (never to be found), more toned than I ever have been and I FIT into my prom dress. My endurance has greatly improved as well as my full body strength. I feel better than ever and have so much more confidence in myself. I have no intentions of leaving Syphus anytime soon. The saying is true, it doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

Thank you Syphus and to all my trainers!

Roxann Shaw’s – Syphus Story

I have never been an athletic person and didn’t really struggle with weight issues until pregnancy and post pregnancy. I also suffered from
postpartum depression that continued on for years. I read that exercising helps with depression, so two years after my son was born, I decided to
give working out a try to lose the pregnancy weight and thought, “what did I have to lose,” trying exercise for depression.

When I began my journey of working out, 20 years ago, I worked out at home doing DVD workouts and some light weight lifting because I could not
financially afford a gym membership nor did I have the self-esteem to work out in a gym. I did this for many years. I gradually gained enough
confidence to work out in a group setting with friends, but still not confident enough to join a gym. That all changed in 2012 when a CrossFit gym
opened one mile from my home. I decided to give this a try because I was having trouble motivating myself to work out alone and had hit a plateau. As
much as this was a big step out of my comfort zone, I had success in busting past the plateau and I gained confidence. I continued to work out at this
gym for 3 years, but the last year the atmosphere and programming really changed with a focus on heavy lifting that I had to talk myself into showing
up for any class at any time. Also, during this time, my dad was diagnosed with cancer and I became his oncology advocate. I was so consumed and
stressed with being his advocate, that when I did show up to work out, I hated every minute being there, but because I was involved in his care, I
didn’t really have the time to research and find a new gym to work out at. It was during the last weeks of my dad’s life; I ate on the run just to
spend time with him and had no desire to work out at the gym I was a paying member. I also began a battle with depression again during all this and
decided to just take a break from that CrossFit gym. After my dad’s death, I decided that gym was not where I needed to be.

My friend Jen Mast posted frequently about her Syphus Training workouts on Facebook, that one day I inquired about it. She told me how much she loved
it; how it was the best and hardest workout she had ever done; and in the few months she had been doing Syphus Training she felt so much better. She
talked it up so well that I signed up for my free class immediately upon hanging up with her. When I did the first workout, I knew I would love Syphus
Training, but I what I truly enjoyed was the challenge and unique mix of movements/circuits and no heavy lifting. Sadly, I had to wait six months
after doing initiation to continue Syphus Training due to my dad’s illness. In January 2016 I began my Syphus Training journey, nearly 30 pounds
gained from eating on the run, no desire to work out and fighting depression. In my short nine month Syphus Training journey, I have lost over 20
pounds love the workouts, the challenges that come with conquering the tasks and the healthy competition and comrade on the turf. The trainers have
been so helpful and really supportive. Most importantly Syphus Training has really been instrumental in helping with depression and grieving.

When I finish that sixty-minute workout, I feel empowered, confident, and stronger both physically and mentally. I am often sore and tired, sweaty and
stinky, some days my score is amazing, other days, not so much, but I know after finishing those sixty minutes I have successfully done what I set out
to accomplish, giving the best of me to have the best of health.

Nicole Gartside’s – Syphus Story

I’m flattered that you reached out to me to hear about my success with Syphus. However, I’m not quite sure I have the “story” that you’re seeking. Don’t get me wrong, Syphus has changed my life. I’m a 36-year-old high school special education teacher and mother of two. I’ve done my fair share of workout programs, 5ks, a couple indoor triathlons, and have had multiple gym memberships. They’ve all had the same result…nothing. I despise running, I burn out at the gym and often don’t know what to do while I’m there anyway, and I come up with every excuse possible not to exercise. After seeing my sister-in-law, Sara, who had been doing Syphus for a few months make a dramatic change in her weight, I was inspired by her to give it a try. I was apprehensive because of both the drive and the cost, but I managed to make it work. Physically, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I quickly realized that Syphus works!!! I didn’t have much weight to lose, but I wasn’t happy with how I looked or how my clothes fit. I did my first class on May 14th of this year and I’ve now completed 54 classes! The expensive cost and 25-mile round trip is worth it for the results. I’ve lost 8 pounds, dropped a clothing size, and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. The confidence that I have in myself is the best feeling, however. I often bring my kids and they sit on the sideline cheering me on. It’s important to me that Ken and I set a good example for them and hopefully pass on a more healthy lifestyle. So while I haven’t had the dramatic results that you’re probably looking for in terms of marketing, I am very proud of myself and Ken for committing to this program and giving it our all. I am very grateful to Mike and all of the Syphus trainers for welcoming us and giving us this opportunity!

Jennifer Stewart’s – Syphus Story

I have to share my love for Syphus training. I started Syphus training just 5 months ago and started seeing changes/results immediately. It’s a really intense workout using only your body weight along with a 25lb plate. Last month, I competed in and won my first ever competition. It wasn’t about winning, it was about how far I’ve come along in the past few months with my endurance level. A true transformation of my body and my mind. I have been passionate about fitness for the past couple years, and can honestly say Syphus is by far the best, most challenging workout you will ever encounter. People of all types, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels work together; supporting each other and competing only to push each other to improve. The trainers are all about investing in YOU. The members, who I call my “Syphus Family”, are an absolute gift to my fitness journey. I thank you Syphus! I encourage anyone looking for a new fitness outlet to come try it, you will be NOT be disappointed.

An important message from Syphus CEO Mike Hackett


The Syphus Survivor finals are a few short days away It has been inspiring to watch you
push yourselves past your comfort zones in the name of competition, but it is also
important to keep in mind that competition should be a tool for motivation – not your
primary focus!

Six years ago, I set out to create a workout that would provide individuals feedback on
their own person fitness levels and to do so in a way that was done in a fun, team-like
atmosphere. It has been brought to my attention that recently we had a confrontation
where members were calling each other out for poor form and rep-skipping. Please
understand that Syphus Training strives for sportsmanship, not division.

When hitting the turf, please leave any and all exercise critiquing to your Turf Pro
(instructor). Our staff has a plethora of things to accomplish mid-workout from assisting
with forms, helping members navigate the patterns and above all creating a safe
environment in which to work out. It is a very delicate balance for the staff to allow room
for competition while also trying to streamline the “rules” of the game. While we know
that the very nature of Syphus is predicated on elements of competition and scoring the
main idea is that you are competing with yourself – not one another…no matter what
competition we may be hosting.

Your scores are greatly subjective no matter how objective we have tried to make them.
Indeed, your 800 level may be different than someone else’s 800. Not everyone has the
physical ability to perform the tasks EXACTLY as they were designed. All we ask is for
100% effort and integrity in their execution. To that, if someone is “shaving” repetitions
intentionally for the sake of scoring higher, so be it. As frustrating and disruptive to the
collective that this may be, we must remember that it is THEIR workout, too. If you
witness “score-seeking” my suggestion is to keep your blinders on and focus on your
personal task at hand. Leave it for your pro to try to make any adjustments – chances
are your Pro has already detected errors in form and is taking measures to address
them the wait they were trained to do so.

My best bet is that everyone who came to Syphus Training did so initially to better
themselves both physically and mentally and NOT to score higher than everyone. Our
goal should be to build each other up not to call each other out. If this is not in your
nature – that’s fine, you do not need to be a cheerleader – instead, try refocusing on
getting the best workout that you can for that hour. My philosophy is that if you cannot
compliment someone on their form and effort then simply remain silent and harness that
extra energy into your workout.

Above all remember that we are all cut from the same cloth. We are all Syphus Trainers
participating in a truly unique genre of exercise. I implore you to pivot your perception of
competition; we are competing together as a community rather than individuals. As you
will soon discover through Turf Wars and some new website updates on the horizon,
the idea is to better your abilities for the betterment of your Turf. Just as in any team
sport; you need to improve the aspects of your individual game to uplift your team to its
highest potential. While there are certainly all-stars on every team; individuality will only
get you so far.

Learning to perfect the smallest tasks is the first and most crucial step as it will lead you
to perfecting the hardest tasks later. Take pride in doing the small things right. In
Syphus-speak: You will not be able to do a Hack-It until you first learn how to perfect a
Peg Leg, Rev Bovine or a Diablo.

I assure you that if you turn your energy into becoming a catalyst for the group that it will
come full circle in fueling your individual workout. I have been a part of some of the
most amazing workout experiences on the Turf and they were all driven by the vibe of
the group pushing together as one. Take the opportunity to feed off individuals doing the
best that they can do, supporting of one another; becoming cogs in a machine that is
churning out amazing athletes.

Congratulations to the members moving on to round two of Survivor. I’ve seen the
names of who’ve made it past the first round and it will surely make for an exciting
finish. Best of luck to those finalists – if you get the chance to watch one of your turf mates
going this week, be sure to cheer them on.

Form First,

Mike Hackett

Creator and CEO of Syphus Training

Jim DeMercurio’s – Syphus Story

Over the past 15 years I have struggled on and off with sticking to a workout program. In my early 20s I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and was put on medication to control it. I knew exercise was an important part of me being able to keep these health issues in check so I started to run regularly, and signed up for many races, including 5ks,10ks, and half marathons. I didn’t run because I liked it; I actually hated most of the time I ran. I did it because I thought it was the best way to help regulate my blood pressure and to keep in shape. I also liked the competitive aspect of running and the fact I could track my progress race to race.

After years of this, I tried other programs as well, ones that were not just steady state activity, but were more about muscle endurance and high intensity training. I started to see a major changes in my body, but these programs lacked the competition I enjoyed from running. In early October of 2014, my wife heard about Syphus Training from a friend, and did her first workout. She called me on her ride home from the class, and told me that I had to try it. I did Initiation a few days later and was immediately hooked. The combination of muscle toning exercises along with heavy cardio, plyometrics, and flexibility, all within a competitive structure was exactly what I had been looking for all along. From the first day I did Syphus I tracked my scores and monitored my progress week to week. Even more importantly, my wife and I were hooked on Syphus together. For the first time in many years we worked out together. We plan and strategize our workouts together and have grown in Syphus as a team. Since doing Syphus, I have run the fastest 5k and 10k runs, cutting out minutes off of my times. In September I ran my first sub-21:00 min 5k at the age of 43. After one year, I was able to maintain my blood pressure and cholesterol without the need for medication, the first time in 20 years! I am in the best shape of my life in my 40s and owe this all to Syphus.

Darlene Vachon’s – Syphus Story

I had a childhood dream of playing ice hockey, in my late 30s I decided to buy a pair of hockey skates. Thus began my motivated journey to learn the sport I had always loved watching and dreamed of playing. I quickly learned that I needed to supplement my on ice training with something off ice. A friend who I met through hockey told me about Syphus Training during a camp, a newly discovered workout that she had started doing. I was very interested in trying it out and she agreed to come with me for my first workout.

My initiation workout was 4 months post delivery of my youngest child and the workout was truly the hardest thing I had ever done (keep in mind I had just had my third child ☺). I was completely out of shape and struggled to do basic tasks that seemed simple for everyone around me. Despite all that I was completely intrigued and had no doubts that Syphus Training would be great for me. I absolutely loved the variety of exercises, the trainers were always extremely kind, supportive, and helpful.

In the beginning I would come to the turf once a week wondering how anyone could come more often. I would be so sore. Though with all the soreness I immediately started noticing improvements on the ice. I felt stronger and more balanced. Before long I added another day on the turf and found that the soreness wasn’t so bad. After my first season of hockey my women’s team was moved up a division, which meant stronger skilled opponents next season. I knew it would be challenging but I knew with Syphus Training that I could be competitive and help my team in my sophomore season. I wanted to be ready so I recruited a fellow teammate who was interested and we started coming 3 or 4 days a week often bringing other teammates with us. After only one month on my new schedule I shed some weight and gained a lot of strength, which was instantly noticeable on the ice. When practices began in the fall for the new hockey season I was READY. I was rarely out of breath on drills that before left me gasping. My skating was substantially quicker because my legs were so much stronger.

There are so many ways that Syphus Training has changed my life. I am living an active life being an example to my children. Syphus has made me mentally tougher, more resilient, and empowered. I am a lot more confident on the turf than I was a year ago. I keep a positive attitude about my gains on the turf knowing that I am the one who has put in the hard work and I’ve been worth it. When I am sore from a workout I know that my muscles are gaining strength. Syphus Training has become synonymous with strength.

Keith Millard’s – Syphus Story

Surfer dude: It will “transform your body,” he said.. “anyone can do it,” he said..” it’s hard for sure but you’ll be in the best shape of your life” he said…

Trainer Lady: If you stick with it, you’ll never get this tired again…and by the way, tuck your shirt in…just telling you ahead of time…

Guy working out next to me was looking at me with a fear or sadness…maybe wonderment? I don’t know…maybe he was thinking 911 should be on the ready? Who knows…

That’s pretty much how my Syphus story starts…a little fear, a lot of embarrassment because of the shape I let myself get into, and a lot of hangovers. Most have a hangover for a day or 2, mine lasted about 4 months.

In March of 2014 I was just about 310 pounds, I was going to the gym once in a while, really having no idea what a workout meant, or if I was doing anything positive for my health. Treadmill for a bit, elliptical for a bit, some circuit weights and on with my day. I would spend 30-40 minutes there, do a little bike riding, not much, and that was it.

Syphus Training changed everything, for that 1 hour a day I convinced my mind that kicking the hell out of myself was a good thing. I could do it…I could compete again, not with others really, but that 310-pound mindset that rears its ugly head every so often and puts up a great fight. It was a stress relief, a phenomenal feeling when that clock hits 0:00, and a great community of people that are encouraging and a lot of fun to be around.

In October of 2015 I was down to 252 that was the lowest I hit, and the discipline and lack of discipline are my biggest foes now…sure after 20 years of weight gain/loss/gain/loss/gain…and more gain things hurt, joints get sore, but it’s all part of the challenge, you can put weight on in 2-3 days, but it takes 2-3 times longer than that to take it off. I may not take a score every time in, I may not finish the hour all the time, but I’m close to that 30/30 that’s my main Syphus goal…30/30 on the form, maintain that and everything else will get faster.

Overall Brian, it has changed my life, I’ve never been stronger, and Suzanne, I’ve never been that beat up again, and I still wear long shirts, and Hackett so far no 911 was needed, and I’m glad I came back.

It never gets easier; you just get better at it.

Jen Neumann’s – Syphus Story

About four years ago, I was looking for something new. My work out
routine consisted of running and occasionally lifting weights. I had
plateaued and was, frankly, bored with it all. I wanted to find
something that would allow me to move in more ways than a straight line,
make me stronger & faster, change my physique a bit, and be fun. I came
across Syphus and gave it a try. It’s been all I wanted and more.

What has surprised me the most is how Syphus has had a positive impact
outside of the gym. In just 9 months, I dropped 17 minutes off my
half-marathon time. I can take the numerous flights of stairs to my
office without breaking a sweat or being out of breath. I can join
friends for a 10 mile run after not running for months. I can SCUBA
dive in rough waters like it’s a walk in the park.

I may not get the highest scores in Syphus, but it certainly prepares me
for all the fun adventures life can bring!



Syphus Training is proud to announce its first independent owner and operator Tim Kniga who will be taking over Turf – Harrison Township! Effective immediately Syphus Training has entered into a licensing agreement with Tim Kniga and Turf – Harrison to operate a satellite Syphus Training facility.

Tim Kniga first started as a member of Syphus Training January of 2014 and became a Syphus Training Pro in July of 2015.

With this new venture Turf Harrison will expect to see many exciting updates like the addition of new bleachers, wall decals, boosted memberships for added competition as well as upcoming promotions and membership events.

We are thrilled to have Mr. Kniga help grow the Syphus Training name as we keep climbing.

Ally Turner’s – Syphus Story

Syphus helped me achieve a dream!! I love to run! I have a great
running community! When I’m not chasing after my four kids, I’m
running. After completing more than a few marathons, a friend
encouraged me to try and qualify for the Boston Marathon. I laughed. I
thought that pinnacle race was for elite athletes only. But the dream
became a deep desire so I accepted her challenge. My training plan
started to include speed work, tempo runs and hill drills. I got
faster, but after 2 more marathon attempts (3:48:47 and 3:48:22), I
finished short of my qualifying time (3:45:00) to run Boston. I read
that strength and circuit training were important for long distance
runners, and at the same time I had a friend telling me about this great
work-out called Syphus. Well after a few visits, I was hooked. The
creative combining of squats, plyometrics, lunges and other strength
exercises at Syphus Training were exactly what my plan needed. After 6
months of incorporating Syphus into my training, my dream became a
reality when I shaved 5 minutes off my previous race and ran a
qualifying time of 3:43:21 at my next marathon! Syphus Training
helped me run strong at the Boston Marathon, and now it’s helping me
train for my first ultra marathon… thank you Syphus Training!!

Bill Simonson’s – Syphus Story

I started my Syphus Career in November of 2012. My wife and I met a Syphus trainer at a 5k and my wife decided to go. After her class she called me and told me that she thought I would really like the workout. I went that afternoon and Mike was teaching the class. I talked to Mike and told him that I wanted to get in shape and my current training for triathlons was not helping me keep weight off or cut inches from my waist. Mike said that he thought if I came 4 times per week I would be able to accomplish my goals. I took Mike’s advice, signed up for a yearly membership that day and to date I have done over 780 Syphus classes. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. The results from Syphus have been great for my health and attitude towards working out. I can’t even look at a treadmill anymore.

Syphus has become my sport. Although Syphus has helped my conditioning for soccer and skiing I consider myself a Syphus-er. The 6 hours per week I spend on the turf are my time to compete. Mike has created a sport and I am thankful that my wife told me to try 3 ½ years ago.